Brand New Videoclip

Hereby we proudly present you our second single released on Century Media. This is also the second song on our recently announced split EP with Vektor by District19.

Behind the song:
“Prospect of Immortality is a song in which we used an experimental approach of songwriting. In contrast to other material, this song is a lot more atmospheric and doesn’t make use of a clear verse/chorus structure.

The lyrics are written as a suicide note by a person who can no longer cope with the 24/7 surveillance and human experiments that she is being subjected too. The experiments and lost sense of reality has caused her to believe suicide is the only way out. Trapped inside a continuous cycle of endeavours, she is unable to succeed.

The song consists of 5 chapters, each representing a different part of her reality”


Pre-order here


Film production company
Full Force Films

Camera & edit
Jeroen Niessink

Beamer visuals

Darcy Jonathans

Make-up artists
Jasmijn van Balgooi
Carmel Eerdhuijzen

Olaf Skoreng

Fredrik Folkare – Chrome Studios

Tony Lindgren – Fascination Street Studios

Booking & management
District 19

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