Album release show

30m2 LED walls, Bionic Swarm from front to back and a special selection of old DISTILLATOR songs to close the night. Two special support bands to top it off!


Attention! This is a regular standing concert, so without the 1.5 meter measure. You can only visit this event if you are in possession of a valid ticket in combination with. a full vaccination certificate or a demonstrable negative test taken via
If the measures are changed by the government between now and the start of the concert, we will stick to the measures in force at that time.
Cryptosis understands that the metal genre is subject to change. Metal has evolved over the years and now has many sub-genres.
However, some changes come so quickly that there is a revolution and so is Cryptosis: the changes, ideas and creative angles follow each other at such a fast pace that the members decide to say goodbye to old band name Distillator and move on. as Cryptosis. A revolutionary decision, but the two bands cannot be compared.
The guts and urge to innovate literally drips from their great debut Bionic Swarm and aroused the interest of Century Media Records. We are looking forward to finally seeing all those amazing compositions played live.



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